What We Do
Thinline Technologies provides dependable IT consulting services and expert computer and network support to Businesses in the Baltimore metro area. In addition, we provide network administration, technology planning and help desk services.

We focus on providing solutions that increase the productivity and profitability of your business, at a reasonable price .

With Thinline Technologies, you can stop worrying about the “technology” of your business.

IT Service & Support
Cyber Security
Cloud Solutions
Business Continuity
Managed Service Provider
What Makes Our Company Unique?
Thinline Technologies serves small to mid-size businesses through our attention to detail and personalized approach that you may not find with other IT firms. We want to focus on our clients, their network and their culture. Clients will have close and personalized attention, on-going communication and an approach that is completely tailored to your needs.
Latest news
How Important is Secure Data Backup For Your Business

Recent times have seen cyber attack incidents become even more rampant and deadlier. As the business IT evolves, cybercrime continues to grow. The increase in high-profile data breach cases in the past few years has stressed the importance of cybersecurity. It should be noted that data security today goes beyond just protecting data from malicious […]

Why Your Business Needs 24/7 Monitoring and Management

Gone are the days when an antivirus software was enough to secure networks and endpoints. Today, businesses face many varying and sophisticated cybersecurity threats, most of them being disastrous. Cybercrime comes in many forms, and criminals in cyberspace do not sleep. Monitoring your physical and virtual IT infrastructure 24/7 is the only foolproof way of […]

The Importance of Network Traffic Analysis

The rising rates of cyberattacks are increasingly forcing businesses and individuals to take IT security seriously as we forge toward digital transformation. The concept of network traffic analysis isn’t new, but it’s widely being put into practice by many enterprises. After all, having a complete view and understanding of your network environment is critical in […]